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Dating in Bedfordshire is perfect for history buffs. For Bedfordshire singles, there's no better place to impress your date than at Bedford Castle. The architecture is spectacular and even if your date isn't a history enthusiast, they'll still love the beautiful views that can be found here. Although the Bedfordshire dating scene is varied and there's no shortage of things to do, sometimes a simple date is the best kind. A gentle stroll through the lush green forests of Marston Vale is ideal for a budget friendly first date. You can even bring along a picnic basket for a romantic lunch.

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There's nothing quite like a setting sun, a countryside view and a glass of wine to put you at ease on a first date. Wine connoisseurs in Bedfordshire will adore the Warden Abbey Vineyard. Set on a working farm, this spot has the makings of a perfect date. Wrest Park is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with a date. You can wander around the historic pathways, explore the beautiful gardens and admire the statues and pavilions all over the grounds. There's also a cafe if you and your date feel like having a spot of lunch and an exhibition room with plenty of wonderful paintings and other artwork. If the classic dating style of a meal in a nice restaurant appeals to you, Bedfordshire has plenty to offer. The Swan Hotel, with its 18th century decor, is the perfect place for a delicious meal in elegant surroundings. For those that prefer slightly more exotic cuisine, the French restaurant, Chez Jerome is a cosy spot, ideal for a romantic night out.

Bedfordshire Dating - Where Should You Go?

Bedfordshire is a charming county located in the east of England. In Bedfordshire dating locations can be found in abundance. Whether you're into art, culture, dining, or nature, you can find the perfect spot for a romantic date in this area. By joining Love Bedfordshire Singles, starting dating in Bedfordshire will be easier than ever.